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Keeping in mind the need for common users, we also offer the retailing of different mobile network sim cards. These are the most amazing networks in United Kingdom. This includes:

Vodafone is one of the leading mobile network operators in the United Kingdom and also in the world. It is said to have the hugest turnover among all the other competitors. It is the most favorite cellular service in United Kingdom.
This was previously known as the One 2 One network service in United Kingdom. It is said to be the pioneer of GSM 1800 services.
It is also one of the most active mobile phone operators of United Kingdom and it is believed to have the largest number of subscribers among all the other network operators in UK.
This is another very major mobile network operator. The orange mobile phone operator is said to be a strong company, however it has now being a part of strong criticism. According to the BBC study in 2007 it is said to be the worst mobile phone operators in UK.
This is another major network of the United Kingdom. These days it is best known for its package for the immigrants in UK who want to enjoy cheap call rates for making international calls. Call abroad from only 4p per minute!
This is perhaps the most popular brand of mobile operators in United Kingdom. It is said to have a great market in United Kingdom and the other countries as well. If you are looking to buy a virgin connection then we can provide you with bets services.
3 (three) is another major mobile operator in the United Kingdom which is currently having a big market. It is said to be the most highly technical mobile operator in United Kingdom right now.
As of this year, over five billion people worldwide own and use a mobile phone.  If you are one of these people, you should be somewhat familiar with the dynamics and components of a mobile phone.  Mobile phone service companies such as Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin, Vectone, Lebara Mobile, Lycatel, and Giffgaff understand the importance of mobile phones and their components.  Mobile phones have many components to them that work together to help you stay connected to family, friends, and the world!  Every part of a mobile phone is important to make it function properly.  Mobile phones have what are called, sim cards.  Sim cards are small cards that hold information regarding the mobile service provider, personal telephone number, and other information linked to your personal mobile account.  Sim cards are small enough to fit inside the phone underneath the battery.  Sim cards are great because they can be removed from one mobile phone and put into another.  If you choose to buy a new mobile phone, you can transfer your sim card to your new phone, along with all of your information!  Sim cards make upgrading to the newest models of mobile phones available on the market today, very easy and convenient.
Sim cards are provided by whichever mobile service provider you choose.  There are many mobile network providers that service the United Kingdom.  Sim cards will fit in most of the models of phones from different mobile phone makers that the mobile service provides. We can help you port your number too.
There are many different mobile service providers that service the United Kingdom.  The most popular mobile service providers are Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin, Vectone, Lebara Mobile, Lycatel, and Griffgraff.  Listed below are brief overviews of a few mobile service providers in the United Kingdom and what they have to offer.
Vodafone: Vodafone is one of the leading and most well-liked mobile networks servicing the United Kingdom.  Vodafone is a huge mobile network company that was started in Europe in 1985.  Since then, Vodafone has been one of the largest mobile network companies in the world.  Vodafone has what are called Sim Only plans.  These plans are great for visitors to the United Kingdom.  A Sim Only plan allows you to keep your existing phone while visiting the United Kingdom.  They have many different plan options such as:
Unlimited texts
Internet and multimedia downloads
Blackberry services
International and family calling
Text messaging
Data plan options
Payment options that allow you to pay monthly or pay-as-you-go
Vodafone also has the most popular and current mobile phones on the market today.  You can choose to buy a new mobile phone from Vodafone with a new Sim card and your new account information, or you can use your existing phone and you will purchase a Sim card from them.  The mobile phones that Vodafone has available for you to choose from are:
iPhone 4S
Samsung Galaxy S 2
BlackBerry 9900
Nokia Lumia 800
HTC Sensation XL
BlackBerry 9360
Samsung Galaxy Y
O2: O2 network provider is another leading mobile network that services the United Kingdom.  O2 was formed in 2001 and remains popular among personal mobile phone users and business mobile phone users alike.  O2 network has Sim plans for businesses as well as personal mobile phone users.  Plans and Sim Only plans they have to offer are:
Pay and go
Pay monthly
12-month plan
O2 allows you to keep your existing phone and phone number if you’d like.  The only difference is you will have O2 as your service provider.  You can visit their website for in-depth details about the plans they have to offer.  Some great phones they have to offer are:
Apple iPhone
Orange: Orange is a mobile network company that services the United Kingdom.  They offer different types of plans and phones for personal use and business use.  This mobile network company also has Sim Only plans, as well as regular phone plans.  Their Sim only plans are dependent on your needs as an Orange mobile network customer.
Pay as you go:
Monkey Plan:  free music and texts
Dolphin Plan:  free internet and texts
Canary Plan:  free calls and texts to any network
Raccoon Plan:  low cost calls and texts
Camel Plan:  free international calling minutes
Pay monthly:
Dolphin Plan:  best for texting and browsing
Raccoon Plan:  best for landline calls
Panther Plan:  best for getting online
Canary Plan:  best for texting
Camel Plan:  best for international calling
iPhone Plan:  best for customers who have an iPhone
The Orange mobile network also has business plans and allows your business to have several phones on their network.   They recommend BlackBerry or iPhones for their services. There are a few different options for business plans and durations of contracts.
The great thing about all of these companies and the others mentioned above is that they all have Sim cards and Sim plans to accommodate the iPhone.  If you plan on getting an iPhone 4S or already have one, you will most likely have an iPhone micro sim card.  If you don’t, you can get one.  An iPhone micro sim card is just a smaller version of a regular sim card, but fits into the iPhone 4S.